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    Struggling to remember key information about how to counsel patients on antibiotics, or electrolyte disturbances for certain drugs?


    18 of the most popular mnemonics, now in a physical flashcard format!

    You will receive 18 drug mnemonics, all printed on a5 350gsm paper.


    They will include mnemonics on:

    Antibiotics to avoid in pregnancy

    3 cards on counselling advice for certain antibiotics

    Drugs causing acute kidney injury

    Drugs causing hypo/hyperkalaemia

    Drugs prolonging QT interval

    Enzyme inhibitors and inducers

    Antimuscarinic drugs and antimuscarinic effects

    Smoking interactions

    Drugs causing first dose postural hypotension

    Drugs causing phototoxicity

    Drugs causing hypomagnesaemia and hyponatremia

    Drugs associated with causing c.diff

    No refunds can be made due to the nature of this product, nor can any guarantee be made for the accuracy of the information within the flashcards. All information within the flashcards are confirmed to be correct at the time of publishing, but no guarantees can be made they will still be accurate.

    Every effort is made to ensure the information within these flashcards are correct and accurate, however, no guarantee will and can be made. Please ensure you consult the latest and most up to date guidance, and check doses and guidelines within resources such as the BNF and NICE.

    The lists are not exhaustive.