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My Story....

The Flashcard Pharmacist has been a dream of mine.

I have always wanted to create material to help others. Thanks to your kind support and generosity The Flashcard Pharmacist has continued to grow, and has enabled me to make this dream into a reality.

A little bit of a background.

Pharmacy is a profession that I have always want to be a part of, the difference you can make to someones life by being a Pharmacist is something which I know first hand is priceless.

During my A-levels I was told that I should not pursue this career "I was not academic enough". This did not put me off to keep aiming towards my dream.

5 applications to University's for Pharmacy - unsurprisingly 5 rejections.

I was lucky enough to be offered a place on a course at a University, whereby if you ranked within a top percentage of the year you could apply to transfer to pharmacy Year 1, dependent upon an interview process. I moved away 140 miles away from home to undertake this course, and the gamble paid off, and after the first year I received a letter in the post saying I had been accepted on the Pharmacy course at the University.

I was stretched academically but loved the challenge, I knew straight away that this was the right thing for me and pharmacy is were I belonged.

It was not an easy journey, found out I was dyslexic in my first year, I had to retake my third year as I failed a final exam by 1%, but I finally graduated University with a First, and passed my Pre-Reg year with 90% and 85% on Paper 1 and Paper 2 respectively.

I was over the moon when I had been offered a pre-reg placement with a large multiple in the community. Before pursing my true dream which was to work in primary care. This dream came true less than a year after qualifying, where I am now based.

Everyone of you has the potential to succeed, with the right support network, the right attitude and the passion you will all succeed.

Never give up hope!

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